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At the moment you’re at risk. We all are. Nobody knows exactly what’s around the corner. A chassis-shattering pothole? An opportunistic burglar? A standard check-up that turns into a deadly diagnosis? The truth is, life can be a silver lining one minute and then a big, dark cloud (lobbing golf-ball-sized hail at your head) the next. No-one can expect you to predict the future but you’re fully deserving of a great big ‘I told you so’ if you fail to prepare for it. Reduce your risk – let Kingstone Investments Group insure you & your assets for your livelihood.

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Kingstone Investments Group manages an estimated $3.6-billion worth of investments for over 32,000 clients with one thing in common; right now, their money is working for them. How about yours? Money isn’t like the average middle-aged executive – your bottom line isn’t going to get noticeably bigger just by sitting around. Right here, right now, Kingstone Investments Group has over 300 years experience in the Financial Services Industry at your disposal, courtesy of our expert team of Registered Financial Advisors. So, there’s no time like the present to let Kingstone Investments Group help you secure your future.

Raoul’s constant enthusiasm and dedication is just both inspiring and motivating. For the previous 2 years he’s been my Financial Advisor; I have received unbiased and unrestricted advice which has definately helped me to make sound financial decisions for my portfolio. His abilities to build authentic relationships with myself and his clients has really made me value his services, his opinion and most of all Kingstone Investments Group Services. - The Erands Corner (Owner) - Ollga Matshweni

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